Know a couple of cool cats tying the knot?

If you’re large and in charge of coming up with hen's party ideas, maybe we’ve got just the jive.

Love might be all they need, but a night of dressing up, getting down and singing up with their best gals is what they want.

Whether you’re after room hire only or an all-inclusive party package, we’ll help give their hen's night the soundtrack it deserves.


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We’ve got karaoke rooms to suit hen's parties of any size, and you can book your favourite one online.

Once you've picked your room you can add food, drink and merchandise to your booking, or rock up and order what you like, right from your karaoke room.

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Hen's Party Packages

Ready to get the party started?

We've done the hard work for you and curated function packages that include the whole kit and caboodle.
We're talking about food, drinks and of course karaoke, all organised for you.